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Comparison roof top before and after cleaning moss lichen high pressure water cleaner tile. A Comparison roof top before and after cleaning moss lichen high royalty free stock photos


Pitched roofs in general require little maintenance, if professionally designed and laid in the first instance, and if in selecting the covering proper consideration was given to the factors influencing durability, such as exposure to corrosive atmosphere and the degree of exposure of the roof.

A faulty selection of roof covering, and design may lead to failure which cannot be remedied by any process that might fairly be described as maintenance.

Even a correctly designed roof, however, may spring a leak at some time during its life. Slates and tiles break away from their fixings, flashings become defective, valley gutters get choked. Any of these defects might result in penetrating the structure and should be attended to promptly.

Slates or tiles that come adrift can only be renewed or refixed when the fault occurs. Flashings, however, can be examined periodically and renewed when any signs of failure appear before serious harm can come to the structure. An annual clearance of leaves and debris from valley gutters and eaves gutters will prevent them from becoming choked.


Slating and tiling are normally done by specialist firms whose operatives gain considerable skills and experience, but the repair of roofs is often left to a small building practitioner. It is emphasized that repairs should be carried out by workmen no less skilled in their craft than those who laid the roof in the first instance.


Algae, lichens, and mosses are commonly seen on roofs, particularly in rural districts, and resulting appearance is often regarded as mellow, pleasing and generally desirable. These growths are rarely destructive, except those mosses may impede the shredding of water from roofs and may lead to blockage of gutters and downpipes.

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