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Everybody has once in lifetime thought of buying their dream house. It is thrilling and frightening at the same time, thinking about investing in a brand new property. After all, it involves a great financial investment. Many things are needed to be taken care of while searching for a house, bidding and making arrangements required to buy the property.

Victorian Building Authority Guidelines

The most important thing prior to investing in a building is building inspections. It is necessary as it is not wise to neglect even a bit of process in order to be ensured that the house you are buying is free from any structural or other flaws. Building Inspections basically involve the process of examining the condition of the house.

What exactly are Building Inspections And What Is their Necessity?

Building inspections involve assessing and evaluating a building. A professional structure examiner is required to accomplish them. Building inspections consist of thoroughly checking the ceilings, floorings, doors, electrical wiring, plumbing, proper ventilation and a lot more. Building inspection should be a priority before the actual auction. The area of inspections is large in regards to a home/building and the buyer can’t himself carry out these inspections well, therefore an expert is required for the same.

Who benefits from a property inspection? Buyer or Seller?

Building Inspections provide major benefit to the buyers, as they are the ones who are going to make big investments. But at the same time, it is equally important to the seller to close a deal in a satisfactory manner, avoiding any end time issues. For buyers, an inspection report acts as insurance that their investment is worthy. Similarly, for sellers, it acts as a tool for demonstrating their honesty and transparency.

Issues that can be brought to light with building inspection reports

If you are about to buy a new property or wish to sell your own, you should get the building inspections done by a professional examiner. Few of the common issues that are brought up by the building inspections are as under:

  1. Drainage-

It is a primary one. Water damage, drainage deficiencies, cracked slabs etc are the crucial aspects that add up to this trouble. Installation or repair of new down pipes or gutters can tremendously reduce this trouble.


  1. Poor Ventilation-

The major reason of poor ventilation is generally the hard sealing of house against energy loss. This leads to high moisture in the room that can cause water logging on wall surfaces and can also lead to growth of moss.


  1. Plumbing problems-

It is one of major issue that keeps on popping again and again in most of the houses. But a proper plumbing arrangement in the start can lead to high sustainability. Plumbing issues can be easily caught up by building inspections thus avoiding any near future troubles.

  1. Roofing-

Sometimes the roofs may appear fine but lead to cracking and leakage troubles after some time. These issues can be well caught by building inspections that are otherwise hard to detect.

  1. Structural damages-

The factors leading to structural damages include wear and tear caused by general plumbing or wiring acts, and material shift, etc. These need to be identified and resolved initially to avoid later troubles.

Latest Technology In Building Inspection

With advancements in technology, the ways of building inspections have also evolved to a greater level. The building inspection companies are equipping them with new equipment. One of the latest technologies used for Business investigations is thermal imaging which makes use of the infrared camera. It can scan large areas in a fast manner. This camera detects the temperature difference and can help detect the moisture content and electrical issues too. These things are hard to detect otherwise.

Types of Building Inspections

Building Inspections are of different types like home seller inspection, home buyer inspection, four-point inspection, foreclosure inspection, structural inspection, disaster inspection and pre-delivery inspection. The most common types of inspections among these are the home sellers and home buyer’s inspection.

How will Building Inspections actually help you as a buyer?

Investing money into the property is something that will bring you huge profits in the future. Thus, it requires a wise decision to be made. Similarly buying a building for the purpose of a home requires building inspections as it is the building you have great dreams about. The home for the purpose of residence is generally dressed up to make it appealing.

Dressing up the house includes fresh paint, furniture placed in an attractive manner and sometimes it also includes cover-ups as such making it difficult for the buyers to identify the shortcomings. Their attention is shifted to other things. As such it is obviously a hard thing for the untrained eyes to grasp the issue, especially when you only have 20-minutes to examine the house which is generally the case.

There are a lot of stories when people have to suffer great financial losses by buying new homes without prior thorough inspections. Another major trouble is the presence of termites in the house. That is why many people also add the pest inspection in their building inspection plan. It helps you decide the best value for your money.

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