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Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Northcote

What is a pre-purchase building inspection?


building inspections northcote In simple terms, it is the term used for building inspection that is made before buying the property.

Buying a property is a major investment and the more information you have about your potential property, the better off you’ll be.

During this inspection, a qualified inspector assesses the condition of the property. It typically involves checking everything ranging from rising damp to cracked walls and faulty roofs.

This report typically includes information about these faults, whether these can be repaired and the potential cost of those repairs. In many cases, buyers require inspectors to specifically check for any pest damage in addition to other things. This may come at an extra cost but is generally advisable as termites and other pests can cause extensive damage.

So if you’re looking to invest in property but want all the answers before you commit, here’s everything you need to know.


What Is The Cost of a Building Inspection?

As far as the cost of a complete building inspection including pest inspection is concerned, it varies from one location to another.

You can expect to pay more to the inspectors in the metropolitan areas as compared to those in regional areas.

While some people baulk at an inspection, the second mortgage experts from Max Funding explain why the minor investment is worth so much. They note “the property market in Australia is on the rise for the first time in 2 years. Buyers are back borrowing money and looking to invest, but without accurate property reports, this money can go down the drain. The price of a building inspection is nothing in comparison to the peace of mind it creates for your investment.”

What Checks Are Made by Inspectors?

The focus is on determining any major structural issues. Inspectors do not pay too much attention to issues such as the condition and quality of finishes and materials. However, each Australian state has its own guidelines regarding things that should be a part of pre-purchase building inspection.

Here is a quick guide on what is usually included in a building inspection.

1. Structural Issues Overview

This is the most important part of the report as some type of structural issues can’t be repaired without major construction work, and some structural issues may also lead to building collapse causing injuries.

All the buildings in Australia are required to adhere to the Building Codes and Standards of Australia. It means that if you buy a commercial building or residential building that is not up to the standards, it is your responsibility to make sure that the building is up to code. In short, you will have to spend your own money to bring it up to code.

2. Report on Necessary Repairs

When you buy a pre-purchase building inspection, the report will tell you what exactly needs to be done in order to make the required changes to the building as per your requirements. It will give you a baseline to ask for estimates from relevant tradespeople and builders. In short, you should be able to use this information in order to prepare a comprehensive repairs budget.

3. Tests on Smoke Alarm and Electrical Wiring

If there is faulty electrical wiring in the house, it tremendously increases the fire of electrocution or fire risk. Electricians at Smart and Fast Electrical explain that “a lack of an appropriate number of smoke alarms in the building increases the chances of death or injury in case there is a fire. The building inspection report will allow you to find out whether any of the above is a problem.”

4. Identifying Unsafe Areas

You will also get to know about the unsafe areas in the home with a building inspection report. If there are any dangerous materials such as asbestos in the house, the report will highlight it. It will also mention if there are any cracks in walls or missing balustrades.

Having information about all these defects or hazards in the building makes sure that you make an informed decision when it comes to buying that home.

5. Inspection of Sundry Structures

The property does not consist of only the main building as other sundry structures including patios and sheds might also need to be examined by the building inspector.

In many cases, the local council regulations do not allow these sundry structures to be built anywhere. If you end up buying a building where these sundry structures are not in line with the local council regulations, you will have to remove these structures.

If the main reason for you buying that building was a sundry structure in its existing position, it won’t be right for you to buy it after knowing that.

How Much Time Does A Building Inspection Take?

Typically, an inspection takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. Once the assessment has been completed by the inspector, a written report will be prepared by them based on their findings.

In many cases, companies guarantee to give this report within 24 hours of inspection completion but there are also companies where it takes a few days to prepare and deliver the report.

If any particularly worrying issues are raised by the inspector in the report, it’s recommended to get a more detailed assessment from an expert such as an engineer, electrician, plumber or others before you take the final call.

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