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Wanting the peace of mind of a professional inspection?

    Inspection Services for Both Residential and Commercial


    Independent Building Inspectors will visit the property with you, looking for major and minor defects. When major faults are found, such as an issue with structural integrity, you will be provided with detailed narrative on the problem so you can make an informed decision as to whether you proceed with the property purchase.

    Major defects we commonly identify include:

    • Leaking roofs or damaged roof plumbing
    • Structural cracks, building distortion or timber framing inadequacies
    • Building code defects
    • Poor external drainage or storm-water concerns
    • Leaking showers or baths / wet areas
    • Poor electrical installation
    • Stability of the site and issues with footings of the building
    • Potential safety hazards such as collapsing balconies
    • Potential Fire Hazards
    • Asbestos
    • Swimming pool defects

    You will receive a detailed report including photos and approximate costs involved in remedying the defects. You also have the option to attending the inspection, to benefit from a verbal report.

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    We don’t use a one-size-fits all formula when it come to our Inspection reports. We offer a variety of detailed inspection reports that will suit your needs.


    When building a new home it is important to ensure each milestones is met completely. A lot can go wrong at each stage, but a professional inspection can detect defects that the builder may have missed. This saves additional expense or hold-ups in the later stages, or problems after you move in. A series of inspections is critical in assessing quality of workmanship and ensuring your home is structurally sound for many years to come. Independent Building Inspectors will meet you on-site to identify defects at every stage.  We inspect the following, at each stage of the build:

    • Footings and slab inspection
    • Framing inspection
    • Lockup stage inspection
    • Waterproofing inspection
    • Practical completion inspection prior to key hand over
    • Fixing inspection
    • New home warranty advice.

    Call us on 0433 122 511 to discuss your new home report.


    If you are purchasing or renovating a home built before the 1990s, an asbestos inspection is crucial in identifying possible asbestos hazards. Commercial buildings too have specific regulatory requirements to provide a safe environment free of asbestos. Asbestos was widely used in Australian buildings until the recent past, so being informed before you invest in a purchase or renovation means you can avoid health risks to family or staff and customers.

    Call us on 0433 122 511 to discuss your asbestos inspection report.


    Independent Building Inspectors can discuss your special needs to provide a report to suit your specific application. This could be to inspect an individual suspected defect or issue such as movement or cracking in walls inside or out, structural damage, footings, sub floor and slab defects, suspected electrical concerns, moisture or other damage.

    Call us on 0433 122 511 to discuss your special purpose report.


    We assist insurance companies and individuals with insurance related reporting in a variety of scenarios such as fire, flood and storm damage. After a natural disaster or accidental fire, identifying the damage and assessing repairs required is critical for insurance purposes. Your Independent Building Inspectors report will include a description of the issue or issues, photos and indicative costs to repair.

    Call us on 0433 122 511 to discuss your insurance report.


    IB Inspectors can undertake inspections on behalf of builders and owner builders. In Victoria, owner builders wanting to sell their home within six years and six months of completing building work, by law must provide a defects inspection report not more than six months old from a registered building practitioner for all work regardless of value, including extensions, renovations, garages and verandas. We can undertake an all-encompassing inspection and provide you with a detailed report, noting all defects including photos, that meet these legal obligations.

    Call us on 0433 122 511 to discuss your builders report.


    An Independent Building Inspectors dilapidation report is recommended prior to undertaking renovation, demolition or construction works on existing properties. This report is important when undertaking works to determine risks to adjacent or adjoining structures and is often a Council requirement as part of the development application. The dilapidation report process starts with a thorough inspection of interior and exterior of structures whether residential, commercial or public structure. Existing defects are identified, described and photographed. The report can be relied upon in the event of any disputes or claims from neighbours, Council or contractors.

    Your detailed dilapidation report will detail the following issues:

    • Subsidence
    • Structural issues, cracking
    • Impact and water damage
    • Dust and debris

    Call us on 0433 122 511 to discuss your dilapidation report.


    Our is as fair as our reports are comprehensive. It’s worth your peace of mind! If you already have been given a genuine quote from one of our competitors please let us know and we may be able to reduce ours. Be wary of others offering discounts as they may skip important items that may cost you thousands of dollars if defects go undetected.  Check all your quotes include ALL items of a comprehensive building and pest inspection.

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    Wanting the peace of mind of a professional inspection?

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