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Allow Independent Building Inspectors to provide peace of mind with a thorough, easy to read report. We uncover any hidden defects. Our detailed written report includes images and approximate costs enabling you to negotiate a better purchase price.


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Independent Building Inspectors arrange a prompt appointment, anywhere in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. For a complete list of the areas we service, see the list of towns on this page. For your convenience we can service areas outside of Melbourne by negotiation.



We understand that time is of the essence when negotiations are at stake. Get a competitive quote over the phone instantly. We then meet you on site, allowing you the immediacy of a verbal report, so you know where you stand sooner. Your written report is with you within 24 hours.

High Quality, Affordable, Independent Building and Pest Inspections for Melbourne Properties

Building inspections that give you peace of mind before you buy

For years, we have eliminated doubt and given peace of mind to property buyers in Melbourne, Richmond, Mornington and nearby eastern suburbs through effective building inspections. Our property inspectors offer professional advice with attention to detail when inspecting your potential property purchase, every time. We also offer in-depth structural evaluations for your property to help save you time and money.

Asbestos inspections that can save lives

As asbestos can be extremely harmful to human health, it is highly recommended that professionals inspect your property for you, whether you require a routine check or are renovating or demolishing. Asbestos can be easy to miss, which is why we recommend our highly trained inspectors at Building Masters perform your asbestos inspection for you.

Pest inspections included with every building service

The property inspector we send to you is highly experienced in every possible issue that can arise. Our team of experienced builders are conscientious professionals, with decades of industry knowledge at work for you. Simply put, if you’re buying a property, a pre-purchase building defect inspection is essential. We will equip you with an inspection report including the cost of repairs and genuine advice with real knowledge from one of our building inspectors so you can not only make an informed real estate purchase but also and use it as a powerful negotiating tool, even after making an offer.


Looking for an experienced and reputable supplier?

As registered building practitioners with extensive experience in conducting comprehensive building inspections, Independent Building Inspectors offers invaluable assessments of both domestic and commercial properties in Melbourne.

Hidden defects are detected and reported in easy-to-understand language complete with photos. We include approximate costs to remedy these defects so you can negotiate a better purchase price. Most importantly, our reports are truly comprehensive so you have a complete understanding of any defects.

Independent Building Inspectors Melbourne carry full professional indemnity insurance - essential peace of mind when choosing the right building inspector.

Independent Building Inspectors Melbourne are ESI & VESI accredited by Electricity Training & Development Pty Ltd so they can enter high voltage enclosures to conduct asbestos audits or inspections on both commercial and residential buildings.


We are Melbourne’s trusted Building Inspectors, providing you with a truly comprehensive report.

  • Prompt appointment, timely reports
  • Detailed and thorough reports
  • Registered, accredited and insured
  • We work for you!

By choosing Independent Building Inspectors you are not getting a simple tick the box style print out – you will receive a comprehensive, report with substantial description of each part of the building and any defects found. A detailed report means that you know with certainty that what you buy isn’t going to collapse or worse.


Purchasing, building and developing homes can be exciting and stressful. Don’t end up with a good-looking lemon. A detailed inspection by a professional allows you to be confident in what you are purchasing, safeguard your investment and can save you money and stress in the long term.

  • Purchase your home armed with knowledge.
  • Use your report to negotiate a better price.
  • Know what needs to be fixed, before you dive in.

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